Advanced Skin Treatments

Ultrasonic Deep Clean Facial


Ultrasonic facial is gentle, non-invasive skin cleansing procedure using a special device that creates ultrasonic waves and high-frequency vibration providing dead skin cells removal and rejuvenation of the outer layer of skin. It is perfect for any skin type, from oily to very sensitive one with broken capillaries. Cleanse the skin, unclogs pores and evens skin discoloration.  This facial is ideal for removing black and white heads, leaving skin smooth and refresh. 

Non-Surgical Face Lift


Non-invasive alternative to Botox or Fillers with no downtime. Micro-current is low level of electricity that mirrors body's own natural electrical current. Micro-current lifts, sculpts and tighten facial muscles, providing immediate results.

Benefits :

Improve muscle tone in face and neck 

Reduce double chin 

Lifts eyebrows and over hanging lids 

Lifts the corners of the mouth 

Lifts jawes 

Reduce furrows between brows 

Vitamin Boost Galvanic Facial


Galvanic treatment shows excellent results, with difference clearly visible right after first treatment. The benefits of this treatment are numerous. Great for dry skin, skin in need of hydratation as well as for oily skin prone to blemishes and comedones. 

Benefits :

Reducing appearance of enlarged pores 

Lifting and washing away dirt and toxins from deep layers of the skin 

 Re-balancing skin conditions (dry or oily)

Reduce of puffy eye bags and appearance of dark circles 

Buff and tone the skin 

Soothe redness caused by broken capillaries 

High Frequency Blemishes Control


Direct High Frequency Facial uses glass electrode passed over placed on the skin. This helps dry out spots and has anti-bacterial effect. It's good for oilyer skin or those with few specific blemishes.

With regular use, High Frequency can be very effective at reducing size of enlarged pores, softening skin, controlling excess sebum production and eliminating reductions of black heads.

Diamond Microdermabrasion


One of the most effective treatments available. It is completely painless with no allowing clients to resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. It is true 'lunch time' peel. 

Diamond Microdermabrasion is removal of dead skin with aid of specially designed tips coated in diamonds particles.

Diamond peel removes the upper layer of the skin by tight abrasion, whilst vacuuming away any dirt and dead skin cells. Due to upper layer of the skin cells being, this then promotes even healing and the grow of healthy new skin, also leaving smoother skin texture. The skin elasticity and collagen production are also improved.


Reduction of acne scars

Reduction of minor fine lines and wrinkles

Reducing sun damage, age spots, hyperpigmentation 

Reduction of stretch 

Chemical Peels


Facial Peels can be used to help revitalised skin tone and improve texture.

They are accelerated form of exfoliation, which includes different types of peels, each designed for individual skin conditions.

Chemical peels are used for skin rejuvenation on face, neck, hands or chest.

Other benefits are:

Reduce acne scaring

Reverse skin damage

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

Remove hyperpigmentation 

And other signs of aging