Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions


Classic lash extensions are use of one silk lash extension carefully placed on one natural lash. Silk lashes in diameter of 0.15 mm are in different length, so style is customised to leghnten natural lashes in healthy way. 

For natural but enhanced look. 

Russian Volume Lashes


Russian Volume Lashes are use of super fine silk lash extensions. Between 2- 6 individual fine extensions are placed on one natural lash in shape of fan- evenly spreaded. It's skill that takes steady hands and patience of good Lash technician ;-)

 Perfect for client needed extra volume or glamour look 

Mega Volume Lashes


Ultimate Volume Lashes!!!

 For that full on, thousand lashes volume. 

The fullest Volume Lashes available on market. Up to 16 finest lash extensions on one natural lash. The thinerst lashes available makes this full volume totally save without any damage to your natural lashes.

Prefect for clients wanting something ' 

Cashmere Lashes


Cashmere  lashes as well called 'flat lashes'

are weight as classic 0. 15 lash extensions, with a slight difference- they're flat in diameter, making them appear thicker then classic lashes. 

Perfect for natural- 'mascara ' look, for clients that like thicker looking lashes.  

Hybrid Lashes


Mix of Classic Lashes and Russian Volume in one set.

 For a bit different look, with spikes of longer Classic Lashes and shorter Volume Lashes in between for added fullness.

Perfect for client wanting 'messy' look